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Two different types of reports will be accepted for the I Congress semFYC Second Life of Family Medicine: research results and experience reports


1. RESEARCH RESULTS reports may refer to projects carried out under either quantitative or qualitative perspectives and should be submitted in the form of a structured summary, which should contain the following sections:


Quantitative research:
- Object
- Material and methods: design, field of application and framework or level of health care, selection criteria, number of subjects included, number of subjects responding and dropouts, interventions (if applicable), variables and methods used to evaluate the response.
- Results
- Conclusion 


Qualitative research:
- Object
- Patients and methods: description of the method used and timescale, place in which the research was carried out and frame or level of health care, selection criteria and recruitment process, sample design, information gathering techniques, mechanisms to guarantee information saturation, strategy and theoretical framework of analysis
- Results: main findings and concepts identified, categories constructed, interpretation and relation to the conceptual frame
- Conclusion 



2. The group of reports concerned with EXPERIENCES provides the opportunity to present innovative experiences concerning aspects of organisation, care, teaching, community intervention or any other sphere that, due to its approach or results, may be of particular interest to those attending the congress, to family doctors generally or to the health care organisation within which we perform our work. Summaries should include the following sections:
- Objects of the experience
- Description of the experience
- Conclusions



  • The deadline for receiving reports is 23 June 2008.
  • Only the results from research work or experiences that have not been previously published in any format or by any media will be accepted.
  • The language to be used for sending abstracts is Spanish or English.
  • Only reports sent to this congress websitewill be accepted.
  • Abstracts must be a maximum 250 words in length.
  • The maximum number of authors accepted is 6.
  • The place of origin of the study should not be indicated, either in the abstract title or text. All allusions that might enable the place where the study was carried out to be identified should be avoided.
  • Abstracts should include no tables, figures or graphs.
  • Three keywords should be included using Medical Subject Headings terms from the “Index Medicus” or Describers in Health Sciences by BIREME (MeSH browser in English or Spanish, HONF, DeCS).
  • If external funding exists, the origin of this funding should be stated. In cases of clinical testing, it should be stated that this was authorised by the CEIC.
  • Reports sent to the website will be allotted a report number (ID), which must be used for all subsequent queries.
  • Information on whether or not a submitted report has been accepted, on rules for presenting accepted reports in Second Life and on reasons for the rejection of those not accepted will be posted on the website as of 25 July.
  • Accepted reports can be presented in Second Life in Spanish or English.  

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