Foreword semFYC Second Life

I Congress semFYC Second Life of Family Medicine


This year our congress will be as innovative as ever as it extends its services to a new virtual environment with a great future: Second Life. In this virtual world, the Health Island, which was recently created with the Coalition of Citizens with Chronic Illnesses, and the Semfyc Second Life (SSL) facilities, are designed to make it easier for those colleagues who are unable to travel to our head office for some reason (work or personal commitments) and to enable them to tell us about their experiences (with poster presentations) without leaving home or their respective countries.  


They will have access to the congress information and be able to see the best presentations and posters, listen to the opening address and keynote speeches (the dates and times can be viewed on SSL on the days before the congress), attend some of the interactive workshops, and present papers in Spanish and English in poster format. If these are accepted, they will be able to defend them on SSL, following payment of a reasonable registration fee, from their homes or place of work.  


We hope that this new form of communication will help us to manage better the knowledge related to family medicine, improving accessibility from or towards any environment and increasing the sphere of influence of our congresses.


You can find further information about Second Life on or, and how to access SSL by downloading the following document: How to begin in Second Life.


If you’ve already entered this virtual world and created your avatar, you can enter Health Island on the following SLURL:




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